Insurance company

As someone who is in charge of employees' placement in sales and services,

I work with many placement companies for recruiting employees speaking several languages.

I was glad to discover in YFXjobs a humane, serious and charming staff.

It is pleasing to recruit people for jobs from the company that makes the proper

filtering, selects people for me, and that every applicant is very important for it.

The most fun... to get a service with a big smile from the placement coordinator, the lovely Kathy.

Amir Mora
Sales, Toyga

Sagi I want to thank you so much, with your help I have found the perfect place for me to work in your service was excellent and very supportive throughout the process. You were loyal and a friend.

Sales, Colmex

Hii my name is Edan, I strongly recommend YFXjobs. They immediately gave me two job offers in the Capital Market industry. A professionally organized company, the staff cared about me and helped me a lot. Anyone who wants a job and a career in big companies $$$ this place to go.


hey Leon.

like i told you on the phone, you guys are the best i worked with.

gave me support and professionalism all the way.

Tomi Radai
Sales - Insurance Rep.

Hi thank you for caring about me. I'm pretty successful here, everything is amazing. great place to earn money! special thanks to Tal for finding this place for me.

Idan Geberger
English Sales - Media Company

Thanks to your help I'm so glad at my new job and thanks for keeping in touch. Thank you very much for you kindness and empathy i couldn't do it with out you.

Nikita Levitchuk
Compliance Officer - Online Marketing

"I had spent several months looking for work without success before I was put in touch with YFX jobs. A friend recommended I cal, and within a day someone was in touch with me, and within the second day I had the interview for the job I am working now".

Sales English - Advertising Agency

The service that you have given me was the best service I have revived since I've been in Israel I am very satisfied with the job that you have found me and I owe my success to you.

Biotechnology Company - Customer Support English

Hi Michael!
Thank you very much, I have to say that you did a great work to get me on this position, haven't give up on me, you were patient, polite and persistent while looking. It was a pleasure having your services, I would love to give you another feedback in case you need.

Rosemary Barnes
Content Writer - Finance Magnets

Dear Shiri
I am writing to thank you for your efforts in matching me with an excellent employer. I am delighted to be working with one of the most recognized names in e-commerce financial & business news. A great company and a completely professional, friendly and pro-active approach from yfxjobs.com throughout the whole placement process. Highly recommended. Thanks Shiri!

Nicole Druker
Sales - Inventiva

Hello Shiri
I would like to thank you so much for helping me find a job. Your team and you were amazing. and i would like to thank you for caring and asking its so kind of you to check if i'm happy.

Leading Forex Company - Sales

Thanks for the service, especially to Artur, who helped me to find a job. All the information provided was sharp and useful. It's great to work with suck professionals.

Kei Ishii
Sales Manager - HighTech

I am a recent graduate and had spent several months looking for work without success before I was put in touch with YFX jobs. A friend recommended I call because they were looking for someone who was bilingual, and within a day someone was in touch with me, and within the second day I had the interview for the job I am working now. While I was struggling to find work in my field, YFX was able to find jobs specific to skills that I had, in jobs that I wasn't even aware of. I am now gainfully employed and able to put money away. I highly recommend YFX for recent graduates and people having difficulties getting their foot in the door of gainful employment.

Human resources director

I am a client of an initiative company for several months.

I am definitely served a quick and professional service.

[I had] an organized work with the coordinators, good communication, and openness.

There is no doubt that the personal meeting has dearly contributed to the work.

Well done!


Human resources director.

English Affiliate Manger

I wanted to warmly recommend the yfx company, notably Kathy, whose

professionalism was expressed in being attentive and the placement

when she marketed my professional profile and was in contact with

a large number of companies from some of which I eventually received

offers. Kathy has a marketing character and human understanding,

and I'm quite sure that I will turn to her in the future when I have

questions for guidance in my career.

Erez, an applicant for English affiliate manager

Tali- HR
HR - Forex company

To YFXJOBS employees recruitment coordinators, the initiative group,

I want to sincerely thank you for your pleasant and useful work! You are thorough,

quick, and professional, and I enjoy every moment of work with you! I wish us a long

working time together.

Rafael Sanchez
Interview in Israel

My experience with YfxJobs has been absolutely perfect. The team is a very helpful who always provide excellent advice.
When I sent my resume, I was swiftly called for an interview and we had a nice talk about my previous work experience. Only days after that, I was scheduled my job interview in Israel. As a result I was given the position for which I was interviewed in a great company.
What I find pleasant is that YfxJobs team always stays in touch, first to know how my first days had been and then to follow up on my experience working for the company that they found for me. I recommend YfxJobs.com 100%. They are extremely professional. Thank you.

Human resources coordinator, High Tech company

I want to commend the YFXJOBS Company for its professional and dedicated care!
Especially, it is important to commend the coordinator, Kathy, for the close guidance, professionalism, and patience.
Keep up the excellent job! I hope for many years of productive work together.
Human resources coordinator, High Tech company.

Human resources, forex technology company

A pleasant staff to work with, professional and attentive to the demands of jobs

and know how to take responsibility and to learn when and if a mistake has been made

in sending applicants.

We feel that it is important for them to understand in depth where they send their

applicants and the nature of the company. They show high engagement and

maintain a close track of sent applicants and are in the process. They give

personal attention and let you feel like they're looking for applicants only for

your company...


Human Resources, Forex Technology Company.

Sales Manager at Online Casino Company

Many thanks to Kathy,
The service was professional and courteous. Within a couple of days, she had set an interview and accompanied me throughout the entire process until the moment I got the new job.
Thanks again,
Yevgeny, a sales manager at a binary options company

Affiliate manager German - Online Casino Company

I was interested in a job in the online casino for a long time after many of my friends worked in this fascinating field.

From the moment I finished my studies, I started looking for work, but, unfortunately, no one wanted to take me with little experience.

I happened to see a publication of YFXJOBS on Facebook about a media buyer English speaker job.

I applied. Not a week had passed and I already had four interviews with companies that I didn’t know they exist.

I received a full guidance from YFXJOBS team how to be ready for an interview so that they would see my potential.

It worked!

It has been six months since I started my job. I am very pleased; I think they are pleased with me as well.

I thank the initiative group for the opportunity, escort and support all the way to workJ.

Michael, Affiliate Manager of German online Casino Company

Flavio Mansour
Sales - Colmex

Thanks for all service, you were very helpful during all the process and always on time with information required.
Good job.
Flavio Mansour.

Sales English - gaming company

Gabriel here.
Tal was very helpful finding me this job. I still work here and I am very happy. I am very thankful for tal helping me. She is great.

Nadav tal Almagor
Operation Manger, Leading Investments company

To be honest, i didn't really need help with find a job because i had a few offers. Because YFX found my first job in the industry i talked to them to see what they have to offer. Beyond the service and the dedication they have for finding me the right job, they found me the job of my dreams and got me a better offer that all my rest. thank you YFXJobs team and Roma in particular

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