Banking Positions

Banking Positions

Banking positions are among the most sought for job positions in Israel. Many people are opting for career in the banking industry. This is due to the many benefits that people in this industry get. There are a number of banking positions that one can apply for. Depending on your academic qualification and level of experience, you may choose any of the following banking positions in Israel;

Bank Tellers

This is perhaps the most popular banking position in a bank. Fresh college degree holders are usually ushered in the banks as tellers. Their duties include cashing checks, accepting deposits and processing withdrawals.

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants work in the bank to balance the different accounting books in the bank. Auditors on the other hand examine and analyze accounting records for preparation of financial records for clients.

Loan Officers and Collectors

Loan officers are in charge of helping individuals and companies to process their loans. Collectors on the other hand help in recovering any money lend by the bank.

Bank Manager

This is a managerial position in the bank. The manager is in charge of overseeing the normal running of a bank branch. The manager is the senior most employee in a bank’s branch.

The director or CEO is the head of the chains of a bank.


Benefits of Banking Positions

  • Offer Opportunity for Career Advancement

Banking positions offer opportunity for career advancement. So long as you are competent, you will always get a promotion in the banking industry.

  • Lucrative Salary

Banking career is one of the well paying careers in Israel. All the banking positions hold good salary packages.

  • Prestigious

Banking positions are considered to be very prestigious in the society. People holding these positions are regarded high in the society.

  • Employment benefits

An employee in a bank gets the benefit of enjoying other employment benefits such as health insurance and pension.

  • Financial Knowledge

When working in a bank, you get financial knowledge that you can use to improve your personal finances.


Disadvantages of Banking Positions

  • Demanding

Banking positions are very demanding. If you are not capable of delivering on the demand you might be easily fired.

  • Less Free Time

Though banks usually close earlier than other institutions, their employees are usually among the last to get out of work. The workload is usually too much that there must be extra working hours.

  • No Room for Error

There is absolute no room for error. An employee in the banking industry must be perfect since they are dealing with financial records.


Estimated Salary for Banking Positions

Banking positions are among the well paying positions in Israel. Depending on the specific role in the banking institution, one may earn anything ranging from 10,000 ILS. The salary can go up when you get in the managerial position.


It is very evident that baking positions are quite popular in Israel. Furthermore, the terms in banking institutions are very conducive for a person who wants to grow his/her career. It is therefore a recommended career path.


October 1, 2015

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